Gorge Hike

It is difficult to know which world record is held by the Zambezi gorge, when experiencing this adventurous walk from the top gorge to the bottom and enjoying the views through the tributaries of the Zambezi river. It is not just a walk but a feeling and enjoyment of the Zambezi gorge magic, the river of gods and learning about the Zambezi pioneers (Tonga people) who used to occupy the area.


It is approximately 110m from the top to the bottom of the gorge which can take 20 to 30 minutes. At the bottom of the gorge there are huge sizes of different species and subspecies of volcanic rocks e.g. basalt and pumice rocks.The size of these rocks led to the formation of curves which made a good shelter to the early pioneers. Geology under the Zambezi gorge is an interesting subject which contributes the flavor to the nature.


Due to the steepness of the gorge, botany is the most abundant wildlife. On occasion antelopes like klipspringers and also primates like baboons, bush babies and monkeys, aquatic and semi-aquatic e.g. toads, frogs terrapins and also ornithology e.g. black eagle, black stork, trumpeter hornbills, hammer cop, red-winged starlings, pied and giant kingfisher, lizard buzzard and also, one of the fastest flying birds in the world, a peregrine falcon. The Zambezi gorge is also a good habitat for reptiles e.g. lizards, skinks and geckos. Insects are also found e.g. dragon flies, spiders, millipedes and butterflies.


It is a year round activity which is a day trip. Overnight camping on the beach at rapid #22 is seasonal and active from mid June to mid April, water levels permitting.


Pick up at your respective hotel if it is a morning trip is early so please arrange breakfast or a packed breakfast prior to collection. The afternoon trip will be after lunch at 14h00.
From pick up point, clients are transferred to the top of the Zambezi gorge walk in point, here you will be checked in. You will receive a safety briefing and sign the indemnity form. After the safety briefing you put on your helmet, carry your walking stick and follow the guide in single file. The walk is quite steep. It is advisable to wear hiking boots to walk down the gorge and take your time and enjoy the walk.
Upon arrival at the rivers edge, clients are advised to follow the rules given by the guide as hiking on the basalt rocks can be slippery. Walking up to the top of the gorge can take up to 30 minutes for a person of average fitness. At the top of the gorge lunch and drinks (cold drinks and beers) are provided. The truck will be waiting for you to take you back to town. Your return to town will take approximately 20 to 25 minutes allowing time for other activities or a siesta!! Later in the evening you can go to the office in town to relive your experience as this is where the photographs will be on display.

Age Restrictions

The minimum age is 12 years. The maximum age limit is dependent on the individuals general state of health and fitness.

Food and Drinks Supplied

For morning trips tea and coffee is supplied at the meeting point prior to departure. We do not provide breakfast so please ensure you have breakfast at your hotel prior to pick up. During the hike each individual carries a bottle of water and at the top of the gorge a lunch of beef, chicken, rolls/bread, potato salad, green and orange juice, soft drinks, mineral water and beers is provided. For the afternoon trip snacks, water, orange juice, soft drinks, and beers are available.


Whilst on the hike, photographs will be take by “Zambezi Memories”. Hiking photographs will be on display in the town office later that evening.

Pick Up Times

06h30 for the morning trip
14h00 for the afternoon trip
Clients are requested to reconfirm pick up times and hotels with our Victoria Falls office 24 hours before departure.Clients can also be met at our town office.

Minimum and Maximum Pax

Minimum for us to run a trip is 3 pax. We accept any bookings and will liaise with clients to ensure they get to go down the gorge with us another reputable operator. Maximum is 20 pax so large groups can be catered for on request.

Experience and Fitness

No previous hiking experience is required and clients need to be proficient hikers. At the beginning and the end of the trip clients have to negotiate a steep path in and out of the gorge. This is approximately 30 minutes.

Hiking Equipment

Protective helmets and walking sticks are provided to the clients. Clients need to wear shorts, t-shirts, hiking boots, cap, sunglasses and sunscreen.

Guides and Safety

Guides are fully trained professionals and all hold valid advanced first aid certificates. Whilst every precaution is taken it is essential that you are aware that there is a risk of injury associated with hiking on the Zambezi gorge. A comprehensive first aid kit is carried on the trip. Each client is required to sign the Adventure Zone Hiking indemnity form prior to departure. Each trip leader is in radio and satellite phone contact with our base in Victoria Falls and direct with M.A.R.S (Medical Air Rescue Service).


Please contact reservations.

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