Horse Back Safaris

On the back of a thoroughbred, Anglo Arab or a bush pony, explore the channels of the upper Zambezi river. Novice and experienced riders welcome and rides of varying lengths available.


NB: Novice and Experienced riders paying same rate will not ride together.
(2 1/2 hours for Novice, 3 hours for Experienced) US$85 per person


4 hours riding, 4 1/2 hours or more turnaround time US$125 per person.


refreshments before and after the ride (tea, coffee/cordials, biscuits & fruit.


Morning: 5.30 -6.30 am summer**, 7.00 winter
Afternoon: 3.30 summer, 3.00pm winter

**We may start earlier in very hot weather. Please check on booking


6 hours riding. about 8 hour’s turnaround time. Min 2 pax – $155 per person,
We will take one person at a supplement fee of $30 per person.


coffee, fresh fruit, cookies before the ride, mid- ride break for picnic lunch and refreshments after the ride.


5.30 – 7.00am depending on the time of the year (earlier if it is very hot!)

Park Entry Fees are not included and are to be paid directly at your ride check in: US$10 for all rides. Thank you!
Question: Why are the rates for Novice and experienced the same?
This is because charge is for the LENGTH of the ride. In addition, and experienced, balance rider puts far less stress on a horse than a beginner. For safety reasons novice riders may not do longer rides. In addition not every horse is suitable for a novice rider. In the interests of safety please see


No previous experience is required for Novice rides.

Clients booking experienced rides must meet the following requirements: NB: any client booked, who on arrival does not meet these criteria will be put on a shorter ride. There will be no refund.

If you wish to book an experienced ride, or a full day or multiday trip you must be able to ride unassisted and with confidence. At minimum you should have mastered basic aids, be able to do a rising trot for stretches of at least 10 minutes at a time, be comfortable at all paces and able to gallop out of trouble, even at the end of a long days ride.

If you are doing a multiday safari you should be capable of doing all of the above and be riding fit. The more proficient and fitter you are, the more you will enjoy your trip. Unfit, inexperienced riders riding for long stretches of time are a danger to themselves, others, and their horse!


This applies to all rides.
Maximum weight limit is 90kg (14 1/2 Stones or 200lbs). To avoid embarrassment be warned that you may be required to step on the scales. Allowances may be made, only for very experienced riders, and even then at our discretion. There will be a surcharge.:
Although we have MARS cover, this only deals with evacuation to the nearest appropriate medical facility. Beyond that full Medical Insurance is required and details must be submitted prior to your arrival. Please check whether your insurance covers you for riding without a helmet, should you wish to do so.


All clients are required to sign an indemnity on arrival at the stables.


Qualified, licensed guides lead all rides, and are accompanied by a back up rider. Both are dedicated, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. A keen interest is taken in the environment as well as the flora and fauna of the area. You will also learn many of the traditional uses of plants and trees, basic principles of tracking, and aspects of traditional village life.


All guides and back up riders are well trained – we send extra as necessary. Each ride starts with a safety talk, and you will be reminded of this should circumstances require. Our rides are conducted with the aim of disturbing wildlife as little as possible and the paced of the ride and method of approach is regulated accordingly.


We use mainly Australian Stock saddles, although English saddles are available. All horses go in snaffle bridles.


We are very proud of our horses! Mostly thoroughbred, some mixed, some Anglo Arabs. Between 14 – 16.2hh. They vary from gentle hacks to my top polocrosse ponies. It depends on you!


You should wear: Dull coloured clothing – no white or bright colours;
long trousers/jeans
bush shirt or t shirt with a short sleeve to protect your shoulders.
trainers or walking shoes. A peaked cap to wear under your helmet, or a sunhat

We have a limited range of half chaps, jodhpurs trousers and shirts available for loan for those of you who arrive unprepared, or without luggage.


We strongly advise you to wear one. They are obligatory for novice riders and children. We have a limited range at the stables but these are for loan to clients on half day rides only. If you are doing a multiday ride or booking any ride in advance, you must bring your own. It’s safer.


Minimum two on longer rides and maximum of six to eight clients at the moment. We do split larger groups into two groups of 4 if possible.


Game is plentiful in the National Park surrounding the stables and the Zambezi River area. Depending on the season you may see elephant, buffalo, kudu, bushbuck, impala, warthog, and waterbuck. Hippo, crocodile and cape clawless otters may also be spotted. There are several resident leopard.

But remember, no game is guaranteed. This is more about riding a good horse in an amazing area, not a checklist safari!


Excludes Parks Fees US$15pp

Novice (2.5hr) /Experienced (3hr) US$ 95

Experienced – 4 hours (min 2pax) US$ 125

Experienced- Full day 6+ hrs (min 2pax) US$ 155

Single supplement for full day US$ 30

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